Virtual Learning Opportunities

To support schools transitioning to remote learning, Close Up is developing virtual learning opportunities that draw on our issue-centered methodology, nonpartisan approach, and expertise in facilitated discussions.

Virtual Learning Shadow

Bringing Close Up to Your Online Classroom

The Close Up Foundation has made it its mission to educate, inspire, and empower young people to participate in our democracy. We have done this by taking a multifaceted approach—one that includes experiential programming, the creation of classroom resources that help students understand their role as citizens, and educator training on facilitating high quality debates and deliberations. Together, these efforts have helped students learn to engage in meaningful dialogue about the issues that matter to them, and Close Up is preparing to incorporate these unique learning experiences into your online classrooms!

Classroom Resources and Lesson Plans

As part of Close Up’s robust civics curriculum, we have created a suite of lesson plans and reading materials designed to provide students with vital opportunities to develop and practice the key skills and attitudes of active citizenship.

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Classroom Lesson Plans
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Virtual Engagement Programs

Close Up is creating engaging virtual learning opportunities that emulate the same community-building experiences and policy-centered discussions and debates that form the core of our programming. Close Up Instructors are also preparing to support you as you engage in these experiences and will be available to help facilitate students’ online conversations. Activities include:

  • An interactive debate between policy experts.
  • A presentation and Q&A led by an expert in a related field.
  • A discussion between your students and a partnered class facilitated by Close Up Instructors.



Teacher Support and Training

Online Trainings
Professional Development