Curriculum Consulting

Close Up can help design and implement curriculum to meet civic literacy and community engagement goals.


Our nonpartisan curriculum is tailored to fit the needs of your students.

Close Up has over 50 years of experience developing and delivering civic education curriculum, including materials to support community engagement and action projects, civil discourse, and classroom debates and deliberations around current issues. Whether you’re interested in a civic engagement curriculum or developing a capstone project for students earning a state seal of civic readiness on their diploma, our team of experts can help develop and implement a customized plan for your school or district.

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We inspire thoughtful conversations and authentic community engagement.

Our experience working with thousands of diverse public, private, and charter schools allows us to understand and draw upon a wide range of approaches to civic and community engagement specific to the culture and values of each school. We aim to spark rich, productive, and inspiring conversations among administrators, faculty, students, families, community partners, and other stakeholders.

Examples of our curriculum consulting work include:

  • Civic Seal and State Civic Learning Initiatives: We work with districts to develop curriculum and capstone projects that support students earning their state’s diploma seal of civic readiness.
  • Inspiring Civic Action and Community Engagement: In this four-week curriculum, students examine issues in their community, deliberate potential solutions, and use case studies and design-thinking to consider how communities can become more just and their role in that work.
  • Civic Voices and Civic Leaders: This after-school enrichment program, first designed for Prince George’s County Public Schools, helps students improve civic efficacy, develop knowledge of current issues, and work with tutors to enhance speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills.
  • Cross-Discipline Community Engagement: We help schools embed community engagement opportunities into curriculum across disciplines. In Biology and the Zoo, for example, students worked with experts from the Dallas Zoo to produce a pitch to area industry leaders in a “shark tank” setting to identify an environmental problem and compete for local funding.