Close Up Foundation has partnered with New Voice Strategies to offer the Preamble Project—free, immersive classroom materials for high school and middle school students that use an exploration of the Preamble to the Constitution to delve into such vital questions as: Who, in today’s America, are “We the People?” What aspirations inspire us? How do we pursue a “more perfect union?” The Preamble Project curriculum includes:

  • A series of lesson plans, each designed for a 45-minute class session

»  Examining the Preamble to the Constitution

»  Applying Values from the Preamble (Classroom Deliberation)

»  Envisioning a More Perfect Union (Group Project)

»  Securing a More Perfect Union (Project Presentations)

  • Documentary shorts and discussion guides exploring various aspects of the Preamble
  • Optional extension activities for community building, individual work, and classroom exchanges
  • An on-demand webinar that walks teachers through materials and lessons

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