Close Up Program FAQs


Please note: The information below is subject to change as the Close Up Foundation adjusts programming, policies, and protocols to align with CDC guidelines, local government orders, and best safety and health practices.


How can a teacher, parent, or other adult organize a group?
When are enrollment forms and fees due?
Can a student enroll after the enrollment deadline?
Is there a Close Up staff member available to help with planning?


Who can participate in a program?
Need a participant ID and password?
What are the responsibilities of an adult on program?
What do teachers do on Close Up?
Can students leave the program to visit family, friends, or local colleges?
Does Close Up offer financial aid or scholarships for students?
Will students need their laptop or tablet during their program?
How can students prepare for a Close Up program?
Does Close Up offer more than just DC trips?


Does Close Up schedule appointments with members of Congress and their offices?
How can teachers prepare to spend Capitol Hill Day with their students?
Should teachers attend Capitol Hill meetings with their students?
Are there security restrictions on Capitol Hill?
What are the Capitol Hill Day activities other than the congressional office meetings?
Can a tour of the Capitol Building be arranged?
Can a visit to the White House be arranged?
Where should students and teachers eat lunch on Capitol Hill Day?


What is included in the student tuition?
How can participants pay for the program?
Can participants receive donations to their account?
How can participants print payment coupons?
Can schools pay using a purchase order?
How long does it take for payments to process and post online?
When are payments due?
Are payments refundable?


Will Close Up arrange transportation?
What are the benefits of choosing Close Up transportation?
Can one student travel independently or groups arrange their own transportation to DC?
How will participants get from the airport to the hotel?
Can groups arrive in Washington a day before the program starts or stay late?
Is identification needed to travel?
If the participant’s identification is lost or forgotten, is it still possible to board a domestic flight?
Can Close Up issue an airline ticket without a date of birth?
What are the new airline travel security rules?
Are baggage fees included in the transportation package?
What do participants need to know before travel?
Should participants buy travel insurance?
When will a travel itinerary be available?
Will passengers earn frequent flyer mileage?
Can frequent flyer mileage be used to purchase an airline ticket or to upgrade?
Does everyone in a group have to travel together?


Where do participants stay during their program?
When will the hotel information be available?
How are students housed during the week?
How are adults housed during the week?
What time will hotel rooms be ready?


What are the required medical forms for participants on a program?
What if someone gets sick on a program?
Does Close Up staff receive any medical training?
Will students have to pay a copay for visits?
What if a participant doesn’t have health insurance?
What if a participant has special medical needs?
What if a participant has dietary restrictions?
Should participants bring their own prescription medicine?
Should participants bring their own over-the-counter medicine?