Empower Youth Voices

A Malone Schools Program

As youth look to play a central role in developing solutions to our country’s most pressing challenges, Empowering Youth Voices helps them break down political polarization and forge lasting relationships with other change-makers. This empowered voices program brings together students from across the Malone Schools Online Network to study and discuss national issues, examine existing campaigns for change, and come up with their own solutions and concrete plans to implement them.

You must be or attend a Malone School to participate in these Empowering Youth Voices programs. If you are not a Malone School or student, please check out our IMPACT programs for high school students.

About Close Up
About the Malone Schools Online Network (MSON)
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Building Civic Leadership Skills

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Empowering Girls' Voices Middle School

Creating the Next Generation
of Change-Makers

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Empower Youth Voices

Confront Challenges Facing Our Democracy

Empower Youth Voices inspires students to share their political values, deliberate critical policy issues, and build a virtual community. Learn More >

Stanford University Programs

Learning Deliberative Democracy

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