Classroom Exchanges


Close Up’s Classroom Exchanges provide middle and high school students with the exciting opportunity to engage with other students from across the country.  By pairing classrooms, students will have the opportunity to talk and deliberate with other students about policies being proposed to resolve current issues nationwide, consider multiple perspectives and deepen their understanding of how these policies affect local communities. All classroom exchanges are facilitated by Close Up instructors, and our curriculum specialists will provide teachers with ready-to-use classroom resources to support continued student engagement.  

If your classroom is interested in participating in a classroom exchange during the 2021-22 school year, please complete this short survey and we will contact you for more information. 


Past Programs


On Constitution Day, classrooms from across the nation joined together for the inaugural Preamble Project–an educational pilot program, in partnership with New Voice Strategies, for classrooms to build a shared understanding of what it means to be American through an exploration of the preamble to the U.S. Constitution.  

Facilitated by Close Up, paired classrooms—with different geographic, demographic, and ideological profiles—engaged in a series of live exchanges to understand how life experiences and cultural influences shape diverse perspectives and values. Together, students considered how America’s past shapes its present; built connections, empathy, and understanding for varying viewpoints; and developed the civil dialogue skills to participate in 21st century democracy. 







Build Civic Leadership Skills

IMPACT programs allow students to build a community with their peers nationwide, examine current policy challenges, and learn how to become leaders and ambassadors for civic action in their own communities. Learn More >

Classroom Exchanges

Connect Classrooms to Discuss Current Issues

Classroom Exchanges gives students the opportunity to interact with their peers nationwide and discuss current issues. Learn More >

Empowering Girls' Voices

Creating the Next Generation
of Change-Makers

For NCGS Network schools, Empowering Girls’ Voices will bring together students from around the world to build the skills needed to inspire others and become catalysts for change. Learn More >

Empower Youth Voices

Confront Challenges Facing Our Democracy

For Malone Schools, Empower Youth Voices inspires students to share their political values, deliberate critical policy issues, and build a virtual community. Learn More >

Stanford and Close Up Opportunities

Learning Deliberative Democracy

Stanford and Close Up programs encourage students to engage in meaningful discussions and address real-world issues through deliberative polling. Learn More >

Custom Virtual Programs

Looking for meaningful ways to engage your students virtually, build community, or reimagine service-learning opportunities? Learn More >

Over 93% of students said Close Up’s virtual programs…

helped them understand the importance of using their voice to make change in their communities.