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Close Up alumni have gone on to become leaders in government, advocacy, business, education, media, and a number of other fields. Read some of their stories and memories below! 


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Verenice Castillo | Student 1994

Alumni Spotlight | September 3, 2019

Verenice Castillo’s devotion to her community took her from being a Close Up student in front of the White House to being a dinner guest at the White House. All of Castillo’s concerns about being in a new country were put to rest after her experience on Close Up’s Program for New Americans (PNA) in […]

Scott McDonald | Student 1990-91 | Speaker 2018

Alumni Spotlight | July 8, 2019

As a young high school student interested in political philosophy, McDonald was excited to register for Close Up. He began the program week with a robust knowledge of American political philosophy and the political process from reading the Founding Fathers. McDonald learned through his studies that that he should have a say in his government […]

Colleen Creighton | Student 1990 | Program Instructor 1999-2001

Alumni Spotlight | June 5, 2019

Considering diverse ideas is not only an important part of the Close Up experience, it has also proved to be a key part of Colleen Creighton’s success. Growing up on a farm in North Smithfield, RI, she never had an opportunity to have in-depth political conversations with students from other areas. However, once on Close […]

Brent Rudell | Program Instructor 1999

Alumni Spotlight | April 23, 2019

Before joining Close Up, Brent Rudell spent three years working on Capitol Hill, completing a full congressional cycle. He witnessed the legislative process from start to finish: drafting a bill from an idea, walking it through committee and floor votes, securing approval from both the House and Senate, and finally attaining the President’s signature to […]

Paul Schreiber | Student 1995

Alumni Spotlight | January 23, 2019

Paul Schreiber identifies himself as a storyteller, organizer, and engineer, and has successfully combined all three elements in his career. His record of political involvement includes campaign work in his native Canada, as well as south of the border in the United States. He has worked on computer systems for two globally recognized companies, Apple […]

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