Student Voices


Never has there been a more important time for young people to connect across distance and divides, engage with diverse perspectives, and understand the key issues in our country. We know that young people want to be part of the national conversation and are eager to learn about and discuss current issues and the world around them. Close Up’s Student Voices program provides middle and high school students with the exciting opportunity to talk with other students from across the country and more!

Through a series of four online discussions designed and facilitated by Close Up instructors, students will engage with their peers nationwide to consider multiple perspectives and deepen their understanding of how public policy affects local communities. Our curriculum specialists will also provide teachers with a virtual professional development training session and ready-to-use classroom resources to support continued student discussion and understanding of the 2020 election.



Election ReflectionElection Reflection Series

Which issues raised in the 2020 presidential race are most important to students?  Student Voices: Election Reflection Series helps students contextualize the campaigns and elections of 2020, make sense of the arguments they heard from the candidates, and focus on what comes next.

Program Offered: November and December



The President’s First 100 Days Series

The first 100 days is often a time of great energy and action for an administration. Whether the president has been elected for the first time or newly reelected, the administration has momentum and political capital to use on high-priority issues. Student Voices:  The President’s First 100 Days allows students to take part in this fast-moving period of national conversation and action.

Program Offered: January and February



Current Issues Series

Student Voices: Current Issues allows students to examine today’s most pressing issues and discuss actions policymakers have proposed to resolve those issues.  They will examine major policies, evaluate proposals that represent a range of viewpoints, and develop their own ideas of how to best address the issues.

Program Offered: March through June




Program Dates: This program is offered on a rolling basis throughout the year.  A Close Up Representative will work together with you to schedule your classroom discussions.  Each program includes four 45-minute online discussions designed and facilitated by Close Up instructors, where students will engage with diverse peers nationwide to discuss current issues.

Program Cost: $900 per classroom

Grade Levels:  Student Voices is designed for either middle (6-8th grade) or high school students (9-12th grade).  Middle and high school discussions are held separately.


Participation in a Close Up program requires parent or guardian approval for any participants under 18 years of age. 

Over 93% of students said Close Up’s virtual programs…

helped them understand the importance of using their voice to make change in their communities.