Virtual Programs: 2020 Election

Close Up is offering a series of dynamic virtual programs surrounding the upcoming election!


We want to ensure that the upcoming school year is rewarding, empowering, and full of genuine student connection. During our virtual programs, students gain the confidence to discuss important issues, learn how to respectfully disagree, and work together to build consensus and connection to their communities and the world around them. With the guidance of Close Up’s experienced curriculum team, students will come away engaged, inspired, and motivated to continue the vital work of active citizenship at home.


Student Voices: Election Reflection

Which issues raised in the 2020 presidential race are most important to students? Student Voices: Election Reflection Series helps students contextualize the campaigns and elections of 2020, make sense of the arguments they heard from the candidates, and focus on what comes next.

Middle and High School Programs Offered: November and December


Empowering Female Voices

In celebration of the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment, Close Up and the Institute for Social Impact will offer Empowering Female Voices—a program to bring together girls from schools nationwide for a series of six online civic engagement workshops. By engaging girls from different backgrounds in meaningful dialogue, we aim to help them develop empathy for the perspectives of others and build the skills and confidence needed to empower a generation of female change-makers.

High School Program Dates: Every Tuesday afternoon from Nov. 3 – Dec. 15, 2020.

Middle School Program Dates: Evert Monday and Thursday afternoon from Nov. 30 – Dec. 17, 2020.


Inspiring Civic Action

Never has there been a more consequential time for young people to confront the challenges facing our democracy, to engage with diverse perspectives, and to consider solutions to the complex issues of our time. Close Up is now offering Inspiring Civic Action, a series of six online civic engagement workshops where students will build a community, learn about and share their political values, deliberate about critical policy issues, and consider methods of taking action in their communities.

High School Program Dates: Every Thursday after school from Nov. 12 – Dec. 17, 2020.

Over 93% of students said Close Up’s virtual programs…

helped them understand the importance of using their voice to make change in their communities.

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