Classroom Resources

Active citizenship begins in the local community, and for many students and educators, that community is the classroom.

Classroom Resources


Close Up’s three digital resource libraries help students and teachers investigate current events and debates, research pressing issues using reliable sources, and develop real-world skills for community engagement. Resource libraries can be purchased individually or as a package, and are available at both middle school and high school reading levels.

Controversial Issues in the News
Public Policy In-Depth
Historical Perspectives


Close Up now offers two versions of our renowned Close Up in Class resource libraries. Read on to find out what library best suits your needs.



For the educator who prefers print resources, we recommend our Standard Platform. You will have access to your resources in a PDF version through your online Close Up account. From there, you will be able to read and print at your leisure. Students can also access resources in a PDF format using their Close Up account.



For schools with one-to-one devices in the classroom, we recommend the Premium Platform. Through an interactive online portal, you and your students will have access to the same resources as the Standard Platform but with enhanced features such as keyword search, highlighting, note taking, fillable assessments, and online grading. All resources will be accessed online and every student will have an individual login.


If you have questions about our content, professional development or packages, please contact us at or 703-706-3410 or check out our FAQ page for more information.