High School Student Info

Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime?

Explore the culture and history of our nation and make unforgettable memories!

Whether you attend with your school or on your own, you will live and learn with other high school students from across the country. During this one-of-a-kind experience, you will:

  • Be inspired by the famous monuments, world-renowned museums, and hallowed institutions that define our history;
  • Engage in meaningful discussions with new friends from around the country to expand and complement your worldview;
  • Journey through time to learn about our country’s Founding Fathers and how their legacy impacts us today;
  • Get a glimpse of diplomacy in action by discovering an embassy and meeting an ambassador or diplomat*; and
  • Discuss current events with political experts and policymakers.

*Subject to availability.

  • Join Close Up Conversations to hear unique perspectives on current issues, policy, and politics!
Students at MLK memorial Shadow

Can’t wait to come on Close Up?

We encourage you to discuss, debate, and interact with your peers about our democracy and policymaking process. You will have the opportunity to ask questions of notable figures in media, politics, and government! Here are a couple of ways you can prepare for your upcoming adventure: