Awareness Campaigns

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First Vote Campaign

As young people prepare to take their First Vote, it is imperative that they develop the skills necessary for a lifetime of active civic engagement. Citizens must be informed about the policies that are being made and understand how those policies affect individuals and communities. And, most critically, they must learn how to engage in informed and civil discourse with fellow citizens, seek compromise when necessary, and use facts to support opinions.

The First Vote project is designed to give voice to young people, inspire them to vote, and empower them to become engaged citizens.

David Kedeme, Student, PA
Anaya, Student, NY
Tim Kaine, Senator, VA
Hays, Student, VA
Heather, Student, PA
Sayrai, Student, NJ
Amy Dacey, Executive Director, Sine Institute of Policy and Politics at American University
Charles, Student, IL

Sponsors and Partners