Academic Partners

Our robust network helps expand civic engagement opportunities for students and teachers.


We draw on the expertise of partner institutions in the nation’s capital and across the country to enhance our civic learning opportunities for students and educators. These partners provide valuable insights on current issues, the institutions of our democracy, and historical perspectives for students, and provide additional professional development opportunities and classroom resources for educators.

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Featured Partners

A Starting Point & ASP HOMEROOM

ASP HOMEROOM is a civic engagement collaboration between Close Up and A Starting PointA Starting Point (ASP) is a website, app and media distribution platform. Co-founded by actor and director Chris Evans, Golden Globe and Emmy-nominated filmmaker and actor Mark Kassen and media and technology entrepreneur Joe Kiani, the ASP brand seeks to be a truly unbiased resource for information and civic engagement. With the goal of creating a more informed, responsible and empathetic citizenry, ASP helps demystify politics by providing answers to common questions directly from the lawmakers responsible for creating the policies that affect Americans.  



Close Up collaborates with the Center for Deliberative Democracy (CDD) on summer programming for students, professional development for educators, and conducts on-going deliberative polling exercises with high students. The CDD, one of our academic partners in civic engagement, is devoted to research about democracy and public opinion obtained through Deliberative Polling®.  The method of Deliberative Polling has been used in 29 countries around the world through over 100 projects, at varying levels of government and society.



Additional Academic Partners