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Participate Virtually in America in One Room: The Youth Vote! 

This July, Close Up, the Deliberative Democracy Lab at Stanford University (DDL), Helena, the Generation Lab, and the Neely Center at the University of Southern California are partnering for America in One Room: The Youth Vote, a historic gathering of first-time voters in Washington, D.C.

Although the in-person program is full, there’s still a way for you to participate in this groundbreaking event! Please join us on Saturday, July 20, from 2:15-5:00pm EST for an online deliberation and livestreamed panel seminar on economic issues. You’ll engage with your peers nationwide using Stanford’s virtual deliberation platform, have the chance to voice your opinions, and play a critical role in America in One Room: The Youth Vote!

All we ask of you is to be 18 years old and eligible to cast your first vote by November 5, and to be ready to engage in thoughtful issue discussions with your peers.



Close Up Students Hard at Work 

It’s always thrilling to see our students take the skills they practiced on program and put them into practice, making their voices heard by people in power. At this month’s Native Youth Summit in Washington, D.C., Close Up students presented policy proposals to an audience that included Sens. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska), Mike Rounds (R-S.D.), Tina Smith (D-Minn.), and John Thune (R-S.D.). A few weeks earlier in Florida, ESOL and recently immigrated Close Up students from Lee County School District and Broward County Public Schools prepared and presented issue proposals of their own. 


Escaping the Internet 

Over on the Current Issues Blog, we’re talking about how Gen Z is the first generation to grow up surrounded by cell phones and social media. While these can be helpful tools, there is growing concern about the mental health effects of excessive social media use. In response, some local governments are considering prioritizing youth-centered public social spaces. Have you seen or experienced negative effects of social media? What types of social spaces would you like to see in your community? 



What’s Up at Close Up

This March, we partnered with Johnson & Johnson to provide scholarships to students from all of New Jersey’s congressional districts to come to Washington for a Close Up program! These Johnson & Johnson Civic Scholars met with members of Congress and their staff to discuss a range of policy issues, including how to step into the legislative process with their vote. 

Capitol Hill DC Shadow

Internships in Washington

Want to get your foot in the door in Washington? See who’s looking for interns in our nation’s capital!  


Tips for Writing a Great Resume

  • Don’t forget the basics! Include contact information like your address, phone number, and email.  
  • Don’t simply list the responsibilities of a past job; use action verbs to describe what you did in the role. Highlight the skill used, not the task performed.  
  • In addition to work experience, list any scholarships, academic accolades, or extracurricular organizations. 
  • List valuable skills, such as proficiency in a particular computer program or the ability to speak more than one language.  
  • Keep it concise. Don’t overwhelm employers with details. Help them focus on the important information.  
  • Consider the format. Keep your resume clear and organized to keep the reader’s attention.  
  • Use formal language. Avoid using personal pronouns like “I” or “we.”  
  • Proofreading is essential! Consider having a friend or parent look over your resume to catch any errors you may have missed.

We Want to Highlight You!

Where has life taken you since your Close Up experience? What have you carried with you from your time in Washington? Share your story with us—we would love to spotlight your reflections, insights, and achievements!

“I absolutely love and cherish my time with the
Close Up program. It was one of the best times in my high school journey. I got the opportunity to learn about D.C., U.S. government, and how you can always make a difference in your community by working together for the common good. In addition to all the learning, I made lifelong friends from places all over the nation and world whom I would have never met if I had not done the program. We are currently trying to plan a trip together to meet up with one another!”

Jacqueline F., Close Up Alum, 2002