Public Policy In-Depth

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Provides students with a comprehensive understanding of key policy issues.

Each unit introduces students to a broad policy topic that informs the current legislative agenda and uses framing questions and current controversies to explore multiple sides of an issue.

What are some of the topics this library explores?

  • U.S. Government: Examine the structure of the federal government and long-standing tensions within the Constitution.
  • Health Care: Consider several enduring tensions in health care policy and current controversial issues.
  • Foreign Policy: Consider the United States’ role in global affairs and understand what shapes our foreign policy.

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What are the additional resources included for teachers?

  • Reading guides and answer keys for each unit
  • Debate formats to shape productive classroom discussions
  • Assignments to move students from conceptual understanding to the practical application of ideas
  • Project outlines for in-depth research and multi-tiered civic action
  • Thematic lesson plans for tying it all together

42nd Edition Current Issues Textbook

Close Up’s Current Issues textbook is available in paperback as an add-on option to the online Public Policy In-Depth digital library. Ideal for schools that prefer textbooks, the 42nd Edition includes 12 Public Policy In-Depth units (including three foundational units) to give students a broad understanding of key policy issues and relevant modern-day debates.


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