For over 40 years, Close Up’s unique partnerships have provided participants with inside access to key institutions, policymakers, and Capitol Hill. We draw on the expertise of our many partner institutions to provide guest speakers, demonstrations, and simulations designed to give both students and teachers their very own Close Up experiences.

Our student program curriculum is designed to challenge students with the enduring questions of democracy. We collaborate with our partners in education to give students the opportunity to engage civically with primary sources including historical locations, documents and speakers. Likewise, our teacher program provides unique first-hand learning experiences for educators as well. Utilizing partnership workshops, seminars and on-site study visits, teachers gain valuable tools and resources to bring back to the classroom as well as opportunities for academic and professional development.

Our student and teacher curriculum partners include:

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"I always focus on perspective and how we need to examine all sides of every issue and the Close Up program really emphasizes that."

   – Colleen, Teacher, MI
Educating for democracy since 1971