2021 Presidential Inauguration

Be a part of our country’s history during this incredible program! 

Experience this once-in-a-lifetime event in our nation’s capital! 

Drawing on the energy, excitement, and pageantry of the Presidential Inauguration, this hugely popular program provides students with an insider’s look at democracy in action!   Not just an “in-and-out” tour, our highly-trained instructors guide students as they discover how the ideals represented in DC’s famous monuments and memorials impact us today. They also explore the Smithsonian Museums and walk the halls of Capitol Hill–all against the backdrop of the Presidential Inauguration!

Experiencing the Inauguration with Close Up ensures students have a safe, educational, and memorable time in DC and gives them the chance to: 

  • Take part in pre-Inauguration events on the National Mall; 
  • Witness the Presidential Oath of Office and Inaugural Address; 
  • Celebrate at an exclusive and private theater performance;
  • Examine George Washington’s legacy through a visit to Mt. Vernon; and 
  • Get an insider’s view of DC in 7 action-packed days! 

Participation in a Close Up program requires parent or guardian approval for any participants under 18 years of age.




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