Controversial Issues in the News

students sitting together DC Shadow

Designed to help students develop a greater understanding of current events.

Twice a month, we publish a new topic for our Controversial Issues in the News library, which highlights policy issues recently featured in the news. Issues are framed by a central question, historical context, an overview of both sides of the issue, and discussion questions; allowing students to move quickly from reading about the issue to discussing and debating it with their classmates.

What kinds of topics does this library explore?

  • Climate Change: How, if at all, should the United States work to combat climate change?
  • Parkland School Shooting: Which policy options should lawmakers consider to try and prevent school shootings in the future?
  • Immigration: How should the government reform its immigration system?

View a sample of our 2018-19 topics. For the 2019-20 school year, new topics will be added twice a month.

Capitol Hill DC Shadow

What are the additional resources included for teachers?

  • Debate formats to shape productive classroom discussions
  • Assignments to move students from conceptual understanding to the practical application of ideas
  • Project outlines for in-depth research and multi-tiered civic action
  • Thematic lesson plans for tying it all together


Are Close Up’s resources designed as a supplement or as a full curriculum?
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How are Close Up’s resources aligned with the C3 Framework, Common Core, and state standards?
What makes Close Up’s resources unique?
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