Empowering Girls’ Voices NCGS Program:
Global Citizenship


A major focus of education is to prepare young people for their roles as global citizens in a democracy. During the 2021-2022 school year, Close Up and the National Coalition of Girls’ Schools will bring together high school students (ages 14-18) from across North America to build the tools and knowledge to meaningfully engage with complex global problems and become catalysts for effective local change. Over the course of the school year through a series of programs, students will deliberate on pressing global issues, explore political and structural barriers to equity, deepen their understanding of existing campaigns for change, and work together to create meaningful solutions.

You must be an NCGS member school or attend an NCGS member school to participate in these programs. If you are not an NCGS member school or student, please email us at ncgs@closeup.org.


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Winter Series: Justice, Equity, and Belonging


How can you create positive, systemic change in your school or local community?

Through this series of six online sessions facilitated by Close Up instructors, students will engage in inquiry and deliberation on an issue of their choice in order to understand the political and structural barriers to equity in education, health, and criminal justice and create a proposal of tangible action steps they can take at home. Past proposals have included recommendations regarding faculty diversity, representation in curriculum, and awareness campaigns for promoting COVID-19 vaccination in low-income communities.

Dates & Pricing

Mondays & Wednesdays | January 24 – February 9, 2022 | 8:00-9:15pm (EST) / 5:00-6:15pm (PST)

  • Cohort of 10 Students: $2000 per NCGS member school
  • Individual Student: $250

This program session is exclusively for students in grades 9-12. You may nominate ten students to represent your school in an examination of today’s most pressing issues with students from across the country.

NCGS and Close Up are deeply committed to equity and inclusion. If you require financial assistance, please contact Close Up at ncgs@closeup.org.


Participation in a Close Up program requires parent or guardian approval for any participants under 18 years of age. 

If you have any questions, or if your school/group is interested in customizing dates for an entire grade or course, please contact us at ncgs@closeup.org.


Institute for Deliberative Democracy


What if, instead of looking to others for leadership, young people stepped up to communicate and compromise across differences in an effort to address societal challenges?

Join us this summer in Washington, DC at the Institute for Deliberative Democracy! Deepen your understanding of the characteristics and causes of pressing national issues, participate in a program-wide deliberation led by Stanford’s Center for Deliberative Democracy, work in small groups to create meaningful solutions, develop a cohesive Youth Agenda for Action, and meet with public officials to advocate for your proposals.



Past Programs


How can you engage on controversial issues that matter to you and build empathy for diverse ideas and perspectives?

Through this series of six online sessions facilitated by Close Up instructors, students will develop a deeper understanding of the complex policy challenges facing North America, connect those issues to long-standing values and tensions, and come to appreciate the value of deliberation in a democracy. Together with their peers nationwide, students will examine three major policy issues; evaluate proposals that represent a range of viewpoints; and consider, as a group, how to best address those issues. After developing a better sense of their own values and priorities, students will participate in a training to develop facilitation skills to lead controversial issue discussions in their own school communities.





Build Civic Leadership Skills

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Empowering Girls' Voices

Creating the Next Generation
of Change-Makers

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Empower Youth Voices

Confront Challenges Facing Our Democracy

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Stanford and Close Up Opportunities

Learning Deliberative Democracy

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Custom Virtual Programs

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helped them understand the importance of using their voice to make change in their communities.