Close Up is excited to announce the introduction of our Special Focus Program (SFP) series! Coinciding with key dates and events throughout the year, our SFP’s gives your students the opportunity to delve into current and controversial issues with an added focus on some of the overarching themes in American politics and public policy. While our SFP’s follow a schedule similar to our Washington Flagship Program, we have added components, seminars and study visits to bring you face-to-face with the people and institutions that impact policy decisions in and around Washington. As only Close Up can do, we draw upon our educational partnerships and 40+ years of experience to provide hands-on, interactive discussions with an emphasis on specific policy issues. These exciting SFP’s are offered only once a year, so register soon to secure your place in these unique and inspiring programs!


"Close Up was a once in a lifetime experience which will affect you forever!"

   – Maka, Student, AR
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