Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 Page 7 Page 8Cl It was the most wonderful and eye-opening experience of my life! Close Up engages you in a way that the classroom cannot. — Robert, Student, ND the close up experience The Close Up Washington & Williamsburg experience is an adventure in two cities brimming with exciting history and heritage. Using Colonial Williamsburg and DC as living classrooms, Close Up will take you on a journey from the birth of our nation to the most current issues facing our country! Picture yourself traveling through time as you explore the world’s largest living history museum and walking through the streets of one America’s oldest cities. Imagine that humbling moment when you read the Gettysburg Address in the chamber of the Lincoln Memorial for the first time, and then meeting face-to-face with your elected officials to discuss the most current and pressing issues of our nation. On Close Up’s programs, you will have these once-in-a-lifetime opportunities and get inspired as you explore the famous monuments, world-renowned museums and hallowed institutions that define our past and present. Even if you have visited the nation’s capital or Williamsburg before, your experience with Close Up will be unlike any other. Close Up allows you to build lasting connections between your classroom and the American political process. We ensure you have the safest and most memorable experience possible through our all-inclusive package that includes travel, lodging, 24-hour supervision, and access to medical care. During our fast-paced, interactive programs with Close Up’s highly- trained instructors, you’ll participate in thrilling and unforgettable activities as you take in all that these cities have to offer! You will: • Meet peers from around the country and participate in discussions and debates that expand and complement your worldview; • See DC beyond the marble by visiting vibrant neighborhoods throughout the city and attending a theater performance; • Explore the historic homes, gardens, and marketplaces in America’s most historic and well- preserved example of Colonial government and culture; • Discuss the events that have shaped our world through visits to must-see sites including Arlington Cemetery and the Governor’s Palace; • Debate and discuss issues with Washington insiders, giving you a behind-the-scenes look at how our government operates, and so much more!