Historical Perspectives presents students with the critical context of important moments in U.S. History from colonial times through the 20th century. Through primary source records, literature, video, and virtual reality experiences, students will explore history through the experiences of both famous and “ordinary” Americans.

What resources does this library contain?

  • Words of Ages - Witnessing U.S. History Through Literature: From Thomas Paine and Washington Irving to Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Martin Luther King, Words of Ages culls the experience of American history from the nation’s greatest writers, providing primary source accounts of critical moments in history. The full edition Words of Ages will be available in January 2018. Click here to view the full list of units and chapters.
  • Ordinary Americans Video Series: This video series includes historical footage and interviews with individuals at the center of major events, examining the impact of average citizens. Examine eyewitness accounts during historic moments, including the Red Scare, Civil Rights Movement, Vietnam War, and more.
  • Virtual Reality Experience: Through the immersive, TimeLooper virtual reality experience, students will step inside history. Experiences include FDR’s fireside chats, Thomas Jefferson writing the Declaration of Independence, and personal stories of veterans from Vietnam and WWII–all without leaving the classroom.

What additional resources are included for teachers?

  • Lesson plans that help students strengthen reading, writing, and critical thinking skills
  • Assignments and enrichment activities to build on classroom learning and discussion
  • Teacher’s guides that offer additional information on events and the major tensions that help students connect history to contemporary issues
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